PayrollOffice.UK is a payroll service for non-UK based businesses, with a few UK employees.

We recognise that there are employers based outside the UK, that have some employees within the UK. These businesses need someone to administer their UK payroll. The team at Payroll Check have created and developed our PayrollOffice.UK service to meet this specialist requirement.

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For companies based outside the UK that have some UK employees, it is simply not practical for their central Payroll Manager to keep abreast of all the relevant UK payroll legislation alongside that of their own country. We also recognise that for employers outside the UK, the time taken to process a UK payroll would be considerably disproportionate to the time spent on their main payroll. There is, of course, also the added complication of currency as well as different legislation.

The PayrollOffice.UK service enables payroll professionals outside the UK to ensure that their UK based employees are paid in a timely manner, in their own currency and in compliance with UK requirements.

We offer the facility for the employer to make a single payment to us for your UK payroll. From this, we will pay the net pay to your employees. We will also pay HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) for income tax, National Insurance, Student Loans and Post Graduate Loans.

Payment will be made of the employee and employer pension contributions to your chosen pension scheme as well as paying our own monthly invoice. In addition, we post the employee payslips to home addresses, and provide relevant information direct to both HMRC and to your chosen pension scheme.

  In summary, we can act as your U K Payroll Office.

We would welcome the opportunity to provide you with a detailed proposal to meet your UK payroll requirements - please complete our enquiry form. Once you have read our detailed proposal, we will be able to talk about any specific queries you may have, and discuss the onboarding process.


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