Payroll Processing

The core of what we do is calculating and processing your payroll.

Each month (or other payroll frequency) the employer provides us with details of any variations to pay, for example – overtime, bonus, sales commission, unpaid leave etc.  From this we will calculate the total gross pay.

We will then calculate the deductions from the employees pay for income tax, National Insurance, and pension contributions, and also the repayment of any Student Loan or Post Graduate Loan.  We will also calculate the employer National Insurance Contributions and employer pension contributions.

We will send a detailed analysis of pay to the client for approval or comment.

Once approved, we send the payslips (by post) to the empoyees.  We will submit payroll data electronically to HM Revenue and Customs.  We can also update information for the pension scheme provider.  We can also process net pay to the bank account of the employees, as well as making payment to HM Revenue and Customs and the pensions provider as part of the optional 'banking' service that we offer.