The PayrollOffice.UK service is operated by Payroll Check.  Payroll Check was originally formed in 1993 and provided payroll training, payroll consultancy and interim payroll management, supporting a wide range of large employers around the UK.

In 2002 the UK government introduced financial incentives for small business to submit their payroll data to HM Revenue and Customs electronically. Payroll Check recognised that many small and medium sized enterprises did not have the skills or computer resources to be able to submit payroll data electronically, and so were unable to take advantage of the financial incentive offered by the government. So, in 2002 Payroll Check started to operate as a Payroll Bureau specialising in supporting SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises), and moved their efforts from supporting large employers to operate their payroll to running the payroll for small businesses.

As a consequence of the contacts built up while providing payroll training and consultancy, Payroll Check received enquiries from employers based outside the UK that needed support with payroll for their few employees in the UK. This became a niche market for Payroll Check alongside the payroll bureau service for SMEs.

The service for non-UK based businesses was subsequently re-branded to PayrollOffice.UK to help demonstrate that the service provided a UK Payroll Office for non-UK businesses. PayrollOffice.UK is a trading style of Payroll Check (Bureau) Limited.

Payroll Check (Bureau) Limited is led by Philip Bird and Geoff Gully.

Philip leads our Payroll Support Centre that supports the non-UK based clients and attracting new clients. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals, and has many years' experience of payroll administration and management for a series of major UK employers, and started his career in payroll shortly after leaving school.

Geoff leads the Payroll Processing Centre where payroll calculations are made for all our clients. He has over 35 years experience of supporting SMEs with their payroll and accounting requirements.

The team at Payroll Check / PayrollOffice.UK are dedicated to ensuring that clients receive a reliable and cost-effective payroll service aimed at meeting their needs.

PayrollOffice.UK and Payroll Check are trading Styles of Payroll Check (Bureau) Limited
Registered Office: Easton Business Centre, Felix Road, Bristol BS5 0HE, United Kingdom
Company Registration Number: 4459042 (England & Wales, UK)

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